Since the Junior ISA was officially launched in November 2011 we have seen a steady flow of providers offering their own version of the investment. It seems that the stocks and shares JuniorĀ ISA is a much more popular product than its cash version and this is reflected in the amount of providers offering a stocks and shares version when compared to the amount of providers offering a cash version.

The stand out providers are ‘The Children’s ISA Ltd’, ‘Family Investments’, ‘’, ‘The Children’s Mutual’, ‘Jump’ and ‘Scottish Friendly’.
Junior ISA

A lot of providers offer very similar accounts but your money goes into different fund(s) dependent upon the provider. The government have also confirmed that you cannot transfer a child trust fund to junior isa which many parents feel is unfair as they feel that their children are now stuck in an unsupported and inferior investment.

There are also some Junior ISA comparison sites cropping up with being the most notable one. Here you can compare many different Junior ISAs from a wide range of the UKs leading providers.