Critical illness insurance

With the population now living longer than ever before, we find that many of us will suffer from or be diagnosed with a critical illness at some point in our lives and with the advances of medical science, more and more of us are now surviving these illnesses.

This is where Critical illness insurance becomes important because where life insurance covers you in case you die, it will not cover you should you have a heart attack, stoke, brain tumor or be diagnosed with cancer for example and survive. These illnesses can severely compromise your income and may force you out of work and remove your income all together.

With a critical illness cover policy in place, you will receive a lump payment to settle any debts, mortgage etc and should you need any modifications applying to your home such as a stair lift etc then this can also be funded by your policy.

The best way to obtain your critical illness insurance quotes are through an independent online insurance broker such as

Many life insurance policies have the option of Critical illness cover at little extra cost so this is always worth considering when shopping for life insurance and if you already have a life insurance policy than you should enquire about critical illness insurance as you may be able to simply add it to your existing life insurance policy.