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Life Insurance Companies
A list of the UKs life insurance providers...

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    UK Life Insurance Companies


    Name: Aegon
    Year Established: 1983
    Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands
    Products: Life Insurance, Investments, Pensions

    Aviva - Formerly Norwich Union

    Name: Aviva - Formerly Norwich Union
    Year Established: 2000
    Headquarters: London, UK
    Products: Life Insurance, Pensions


    Name: AXA
    Year Established: 1816
    Headquarters: Paris, France
    Products: Life & Health Insurance, Investment Management

    Bright Grey - Part of Royal London

    Name: Bright Grey - Part of Royal London
    Year Established: 2003
    Headquarters: Edinburgh, UK
    Products: Life Insurance, Critical illness, Income protection


    Name: Bupa
    Year Established: 1947
    Headquarters: London, UK
    Products: Health insurance

    Friends Provident

    Name: Friends Provident
    Year Established: 1832
    Headquarters: London, UK
    Products: Insurance, Pensions, Inheritance tax, Investment Management

    Halifax - Royal Bank Of Scotland - Lloyds TSB

    Name: Halifax - Royal Bank Of Scotland - Lloyds TSB
    Year Established: 1853
    Headquarters: Edinburgh
    Products: Mortgage protection, term assurance, Critical illness

    Legal & General

    Name: Legal & General
    Year Established: 1836
    Headquarters: London, UK
    Products: Life Insurance, Investments, Pensions

    LV / Liverpool Victoria

    Name: LV / Liverpool Victoria
    Year Established: 1843
    Headquarters: Bournemouth, UK
    Products: Insurance, Open ended investment company

    Paymentshield - Towergate

    Name: Paymentshield - Towergate
    Year Established: 1992
    Headquarters: Southport, UK
    Products: Mortgage Life Insurance, ASU Cover, Unemployment Insurance

    Pioneer Friendly Society

    Name: Pioneer Friendly Society
    Year Established: 1888
    Headquarters: Trowbridge, UK
    Products: Term Assurance, Income Protection, Mortgage life insurance, Critical illness insurance


    Name: Prudential
    Year Established: 1848
    Headquarters: London, UK
    Products: Life Insurance

    Royal Liver Assurance

    Name: Royal Liver Assurance
    Year Established: 1850
    Headquarters: Liverpool, UK
    Products: Life Assurance

    Royal London

    Name: Royal London
    Year Established: 1835
    Headquarters: Wilmslow, UK
    Products: Life Insurance, Mortgage Life Insurance, Level term assurance, Critical illness insurance

    Royal & Sun Alliance

    Name: Royal & Sun Alliance
    Year Established: 1700s
    Headquarters: London, UK
    Products: Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Critical illness, Income protection

    Standard Life

    Name: Standard Life
    Year Established: 1825
    Headquarters: Edinburgh, UK
    Products: Insurance, Savings, Mortgages, Investments, Healthcare, Pensions

    Synergy Protect

    Name: Synergy Protect
    Year Established: 2005
    Headquarters: ST Albans, UK
    Products: Life insurance, Mortgage life insurance, Term assurance, Income protection

    Unum Provident Insurance

    Name: Unum Provident Insurance
    Year Established: 1970
    Headquarters: London, UK
    Products: Income Protection, Critical illness insurance


    Name: Zurich
    Year Established: 19
    Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland
    UK Headquarters: Swindon, UK
    Life insurance, mortgage payment protection, critical illness cover, income protection

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