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Compare funeral (whole of life) insurance quotes online now
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    What is Funeral Insurance?Funeral insurance from Insuranet
    Here at what we mean by funeral insurance is a whole of life insurance policy which will cover the cost of your funeral or cremation expenses.

    Why do I need Funeral insurance?
    With a whole of life insurance policy, when you die your policy will pay a lump sum of money which can be used to cover your funeral expenses and avoid the financial burden on you family.

    Now days, funerals and cremations can be a costly affair. From the cost of your coffin, the ceremony, car hire and flowers, these costs can all mount up and at a time when the last thing your family & loved ones want to be thinking about is your finances.

    With our funeral insurance (whole of life insurance), when you die, your family / partner doesn’t have to worry about the expensive costs involved in your funeral or cremation and will receive a lump sum of money upon your death to help cover these costs.

    Compare funeral (whole of life) insurance quotes online now

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